perjantai 22. toukokuuta 2009

the perfect day

these are from last friday, when the sun was up and i had the best day in a long time!

those shoes are secondhand, and they only cost 2 euros! i'm usually bad at finding anything from second hand shops, so i'm quite happy about this find!

tiistai 5. toukokuuta 2009

this night has opened my eyes

i've been pretty down for the last few days, so i haven't really done anything blog worthy, but today i decided to dress up a bit, because i was going to my dad's to eat. i also got to see my INCREDIBLY CUTE little sister again, i always miss her when i'm away. she's almost two years old, and she's just learning to speak, so she's basically like a parrot, and it's so cute. i feel so much love for her, aww.

isn't she quite amazing?

(my skirt, t-shirt & belt: h&m; tights: gina tricot)

i swear, i do also shop outside of h&m...